I have been making games since 2011. My primary focus is on design, but I particularly enjoy...

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  • Aubrey Isaacman

Trimming Trauma

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

For Andreas Kratky’s CTIN 534: Experiments in Interactivity course, I made this interactive embroidery piece. It’s a two player experience: one player holds the embroidery (as shown above but with black fabric on top) and scissors, and the other player reads the Twine story out loud and guides the first player when and where to cut the black fabric.

The Twine story tells the players why the forest has burned down. As they go through the story, the players work together to cut away the trauma the embroidery has endured by cutting the black fabric. When they finish, they turn on the LED sewn on the back, representing hope, healing, and moving forward.

I loved working on this piece; I was nervous about showing it but I think it turned out well all things considered! I’m hoping I get to do similar projects in the future.

I used 2 ply conductive thread, an Adafruit battery holder, and Adafruit sewable LEDs to make a simple circuit to light up one LED. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to making more complex pieces in the future!