I'm an interactive media and games designer based in Los Angeles, California.

Like what I do? Want to see more of my work? Please consider donating! All proceeds go directly towards my work so I can make more games for you.

While I was living in Santa Cruz, I discovered my love of meaningful play, especially for sex and consent. Now, I'm honing my skills in programming, electronics, and handcrafting. So far, I have explored Unreal Engine, Unity, Arduino, and incorporating physical crafts into my designs. I'm still looking for more media to explore but I'm super enjoying playing with incorporating physical components with digital tools.

When I'm not spending time in the game development community, I'm usually crafting and tinkering! In my free time, I'm in the ocean, meditating, doing archery, or practicing martial arts. I also volunteer for sharks conservation and beach clean-ups.

Next Gen


Romance & Sexuality SIG


Mental Health Advocacy SIG

Co-Founder, Co-Chair

Games & Playable Media BA

UCSC Alumni


USC Student

I have been making games since 2011. My primary focus is on design, but I particularly enjoy...

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