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Galaxymania: Earthings to the Rescue



Galaxymania is a space-themed escape room created as part of the 2019 internship at the Two Bit Circus Foundation (2BCF). Our goal for this game was to create an escape room we could use to teach students how to complete circuits.


Two Bit is an alien AI on a ship that has crash-landed on Earth. She needs 4-5 brave earthlings to help her beam her researching findings back to the Motherboard of Motherboards (M.O.M.) before she's grounded on Earth forever! To get Two Bit up and running again, earthlings will need to reconnect broken circuits, test each button, and button mash their way through panic mode. Galaxymania is directly inspired by some existing Two Bit Circus creations: the Button Wall and Space Squad in Space.



Two Bit Circus Beta Night, August

Gameplay & Progress Photos

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