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A New Logo!

I want to provide some insight as to why this is my new logo because it incorporates a lot of different things that make me who I am.

Thresher sharks are kind creatures who use their strengths to come up with creative solutions. My thresher shark is holding a game controller because this is my approach to game design: to use my strengths to my advantage and come up with creative design solutions.

I decided to put my logo in an embroidery hoop because I've been focusing on incorporating elements of embroidery and other physical crafts into my game designs. It's an important aspect of my designs, and has become a big part of my life.

Lastly, I wanted to shout out archery by vaguely making the nob at the top of the hoop look slightly an arrow. Archery requires patience and mindfulness in order to hit your mark. These are qualities that I try to bring into my professional world as well.

My logo balances different aspects of who I am and how I design. Come find me at GDC 2019 to grab some stickers of my logo!



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