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Challah At Me

I loved making my last enamel pin so much that I decided to continue my enamel pin journey! Back in August, I noticed folks were already prepping for the holidays so I wanted to make something special for Chanukah. As a queer Jew who loves puns, this design was absolutely perfect. This piece of challah has the colors from the updated pride flag with the pun in the middle "challah at me".

The card backing was also important to me because as a designer, I tend to think about the presentation surrounding a product as much as the actual product itself. I decided to make the card backing a circular shape to represent a challah plate, and adorn it with symbols from Judaism and Israel. The border of the plate says "love is love is love is love" in an infinite fashion.

If you'd like to snag a pin of your own, they're available on my etsy shop!



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