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Completed Stop Motion! (scroll to bottom to see final video)

I've been working on a few props to dress up the set a little more so it looks like it's believably underwater in the final shots. I also added a new character:

I switched directions (definitely for the better) for my final movie. Little Oyster here ended up being the star of the show, but don't worry, Siren still gets plenty of screen time.

I also made sure to add more props to make the set more believable.

I've added several types of coral and some kelp to move in the background, to really sell the idea that there's a current going on.

And of course, here's the final preview of our girl, Siren:

Alright y'all, here's the moment of truth!for! Let's watch Little Oyster meet Siren:

I finished this back in May so apologies for the delay, but I hope the wait was worth it. I hope you love Little Oyster and Siren as much as I do.



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