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Stop Motion Puppetry Fabrication

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I'm in the process of creating my stop motion puppet! I'm creating a siren based on a thresher shark.

This is a to-scale drawing so help me with the fabrication process. The green on the inside of her body is specifically to help me sculpt the armature.

I've never made a stop motion puppet before, or anything like it, and I ended up picking something that was slightly more complicated. So I ended up taking a bunch of notes! I drew a little thresher shark to help me with the anatomy of my puppet.

You will also see my notes on creating the armature.

Below I'll be posting updates of my armature!

This is what my armature would look like if she was going to stay human. I'll need to change the legs since she will have a tail instead, and I will need to attach my arms.



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