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Teen Bigfoot

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Last semester, I worked with my former roommate and current classmate Maddie Emery to create a teenage simulator. What does that mean?! Well, play as an awkward student trying to survive high school... as Bigfoot.

We worked together from pre-production to release and are super proud of our game! This is by far the most amount of hard coding I've had to do on a game and we both feel that it turned out really well. You can check it out on

If you'd like to access our game, ask me for the password.

Maddie and I decided to keep our game private because even though we are immensely proud of our story and technical achievements, we feel that we severely dropped the ball on making our game diverse. For example, in the first two levels, almost all of the characters are white. Then at graduation, half of the graduation class is black; where were they this whole time? Maybe we'll revisit this game one day and give it the diverse polish it deserves. For now, it's a silly game with exaggerated physics and even though there are many improvements to be made, we're ultimately proud of hard work.

Super huge shout out to Liam Dugard for being our 3D artist and to Brett Bailey for composing the score and sound effects. You added so much juice to this game, it would feel so different without your work!

I also want to shout out Richard Lemarchand and Elle Linares for being amazing producers and for all the technical and emotional support they provided for us.



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