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Zoom Jam in the LA Times!

Last week, I posted about the game my friends and I made in class for Zoom Jam. This week, Zoom Jam has made it into the LA Times! This is very exciting not just for the jam but for me personally; I can finally mark getting quoted in the LA Times off my bucket list!

You can see the article by Todd Martens (with quotes from yours truly 😉) here.

I'm super humbled to be part of this article! It was fun chatting with Todd about Zoom Jam and how games are becoming part of our lives in this strange new world. I recommend reading the full article to also see takes from my professor, Jeff Watson, and others from USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

Bored at home during quarantine? Visit to see what games you can play with your friends over Zoom. Remember to submit your own Zoom game ideas! The competitive aspect of ZoomJam ends on April 24th so make sure you get your submissions in.

P.S. No experience required to submit to Zoom Jam! It's an amazing way to introduce yourself to game design if you've never tried it before.



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